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삼원계 리튬 이온 배터리의 수명은 몇 년입니까?

Ternary lithium battery, also known as ternary lithium polymer, refers to a lithium battery with nickel-cobalt manganate or nickel-cobalt aluminate as the positive electrode material. Ternary lithium batteries are widely used in new energy vehicles due to their smaller size, higher capacity density, and low temperature resistance.

삼항 리튬 배터리

The service life of the ternary lithium battery is calculated according to the ratio of the capacity decay degree after use to a certain extent, and it will be terminated directly until the capacity life is zero. The industry algorithm is generally that the ternary lithium battery is fully charged and then discharged once, which is called the cycle life.

The theoretical life of a lithium battery is 1200 times that of full charge and discharge, that is, the full cycle life. According to the frequency of use, charge and discharge once every three days, charge and discharge 120 times a year, and the service life of the ternary lithium battery reaches about 10 years. In actual use, the battery life will be affected by various factors such as the manufacturer's manufacturing technology, battery management technology, external environment, driving habits of the owner, charging method, etc., and the actual use shall prevail.

At present, the three-electric warranty of general car companies is 8 years and 120,000 kilometers, and some car companies also provide three-electric lifetime warranty. If it is not an ordinary household scene, but is used for business purposes, it will be difficult to use it for eight years. With the development of battery technology, especially driven by new battery materials, battery management technology, and battery structure innovation, the performance of power batteries has become more durable and safer.

In daily use, the maintenance of the ternary lithium battery is also extremely important. When the remaining 20%-30% of the power is left, it should be charged in time to avoid the battery from being over-discharged. The ternary lithium battery is not required for long-distance use. It is not recommended to fully charge it. It is better to charge it to 90% or below. When fully charged, it is easy to consume active materials under high voltage and shorten the battery life.

In addition, the battery is composed of multiple battery cells. Due to the inconsistency in the production and electrochemical reactions of the battery cells, a full charge may easily cause a cell to be overcharged, thereby affecting the battery life.

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