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리튬 전기 자동차의 리튬 배터리 충전, 유지 및 사용 시 주의 사항

The number of kilometers that a lithium battery electric vehicle can run on a full charge is mainly related to the capacity of the lithium battery configured, and also has something to do with the method of use and the quality of the lithium battery. Let's learn more about the lithium battery charging instructions, maintenance and use precautions of lithium electric vehicles!

리튬 배터리 사용

Lithium electric vehicle charging instructions

1. Place and recharge: the battery pack has some remaining power before leaving the factory, and it can also be used for short-distance riding after the electric bike is sold. After the first ride, the battery must be charged for the first time, and it is recommended that the first charge should take a little longer (8-12 hours).

The battery pack should be charged in time after use and cannot be stored at a loss of power. If the battery has not been used for more than two months, the battery pack needs to be fully charged once. If the battery pack is placed for more than 5 months, it needs to be charged and discharged once. Use the battery regularly, and charge the battery pack regularly during normal use and long-term storage, which can ensure the best practical effect of the battery pack and prolong its service life

2. Normal charging: first connect the charger and the battery pack to be charged, and then connect the charger power plug to the 220V AC power supply. (This connection sequence will avoid the generation of electric sparks when plugging and unplugging the charging plug.) When the power is turned on, the charger will display a red indicator light, indicating that the battery pack is being charged normally, and it can be charged normally for 6-8 hours.

3. Precautions for the charger: In order to ensure the charging safety of the battery pack and ensure the service life of the battery pack, this battery pack can only be used with the matching 36V lithium battery special charger. If the charger is lost or damaged, please find the corresponding dealer to buy it. Do not use lead-acid chargers or other forms of chargers for charging.

Lithium battery maintenance

Since lithium batteries are non-memory batteries, customers are advised to regularly charge or recharge the battery pack after each or every day of riding, which will greatly increase the service life of the battery pack. It is recommended not to ride until the battery pack can no longer discharge power before recharging, and it is not recommended to discharge more than 90% of the battery pack capacity. When the electric vehicle is at rest and the undervoltage indicator light on the electric vehicle is on, it needs to be charged in time.

When the electric vehicle is started, on a steep slope, on a dirt road or in a strong wind, it is recommended that the customer use the pedal assist while riding, so that the battery and motor have the longest life.

The capacity of the battery pack is measured at a normal temperature of 25°C, so in winter, it is normal for the battery capacity to function and the mileage to decrease slightly. It is recommended to charge the battery pack in a place with high ambient temperature in winter to ensure that the battery pack can be fully charged.

When the electric vehicle is not riding or parked, it is recommended that the customer unplug the connection plug between the battery pack and the electric vehicle, or turn off the power lock. Because the motor and controller will consume power under no-load conditions, please avoid wasting power.

 Precautions for the use of lithium batteries

When riding in rainy and snowy weather, the part of the discharge socket between the battery pack and the electric bicycle should not come into contact with water. When not in use, turn off the battery power switch to avoid short-circuit consequences. And try to avoid using electric vehicles in harsh environments. Pay attention to the waterproof of the battery pack.

The battery should be placed away from water, fire, dry, and avoid strong shaking, bumping and short circuit. In summer, the battery should be protected from direct sunlight.

Special reminder: Do not unpack, modify, or destroy the battery without authorization; it is strictly forbidden to use this battery on other brands or models of electric vehicles; avoid foreign objects from short-circuiting the charging and discharging ports during use.

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