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태양 광 배터리 팩

Our Vision: Provide world-class Rechargeable battery pack for customers worldwidely
Benzo Mission: to become an internationally renowned supplier of Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery.
Company values: integrity and pragmatic, responsibility

태양 광 배터리 팩



Solar Power Battery Pack

Benzo Energy · UFine Technology is one of China’s main player of Lithium rechargeable battery pack products, Our main products is lithium ion polymer battery , lithium battery, Rechargeable 18650 battery and lifepo4 rechargeable batteries. The company, established in 2007, has 10 years experiences of manufacturing lithium battery products.

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Our existing customized rechargeable battery products are widely used in consumer electronics, communications, military, medical, financial, security and other fields.


Solar Power Battery Pack Manufacturer Advantages

Lithium ion batteries are currently divided further to lithium ion batteries (LIB) and polymer lithium ion batteries (PLB). The positive and negative electrode materials used in polymer lithium ion batteries are the same with the lithium ion Battery, and the operation principle of these 2 kind of batteries is basically the same. Their main difference lies in the different electrolyte, LIB using liquid electrolyte, while PLB is replaced by solid polymer electrolyte, So PLB are more popular since they will not explosion even short circut.

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Lithium ion battery due to high operating voltage, small size, light weight, high energy, no memory effect, no pollution, low self-discharge, long cycle life, is the ideal energy carrier in nowadays especially when Mobile Phones has Robed the life of Young Generation.

What about the applications?

Lithium batteries are now more widely used in energy storage of water, fire, wind and solar power and other energy supply system, UPS(Short for uninterrupted power supple), Telecommunications, and Powered Hand Tools, Electric bike, Electric motorcycle, Electric vehicles, Military equipment, Aerospace and other field.


Solar Street Light Battery Pack List

Battery ModelCasingBattery CellCombinationWorking CurrentWattSize(MM)Weight(KG)
12V 3AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S1P ≤3A ≤25W 112*70*30 0.35
12V 6AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S2P ≤3A ≤25W 220*70*30 0.65
12V 9AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S3P ≤3A ≤25W 270*85*30 1
12V 12AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S4P ≤3A ≤25W 270*110*30 1.3
12V 15AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S5P ≤8A ≤80W 270*140*30 1.6
12V 18AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S6P ≤8A ≤80W 270*165*30 1.95
12V 21AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S7P ≤8A ≤80W 270*190*30 2.25
12V 24AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S8P ≤8A ≤80W 270*220*30 2.6
12V 27AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S9P ≤8A ≤80W 270*245*30 2.9
12V 30AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S10P ≤8A ≤80W 270*270*30 3.2
12V 33AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S11P ≤8A ≤80W 270*295*30 3.6
12V 36AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S12P ≤8A ≤80W 270*325*30 3.9
12V 39AH Blue PVC 26650-3AH 4S13P ≤8A ≤80W 270*350*30 4.2
12V 2AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S1P ≤3A ≤25W 60*70*20 0.2
12V 4AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S2P ≤3A ≤25W 120*70*20 0.3
12V 6AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S3P ≤3A ≤25W 170*70*20 0.5
12V 8AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S4P ≤3A ≤25W 215*80*20 0.6
12V 10AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S5P ≤3A ≤25W 215*100*20 0.8
12V 12AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S6P ≤3A ≤25W 215*115*20 0.9
12V 14AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S7P ≤8A ≤80W 215*135*20 1.1
12V 16AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S8P ≤8A ≤80W 215*155*20 1.2
12V 18AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S9P ≤8A ≤80W 215*170*20 1.4
12V 20AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S10P ≤8A ≤80W 215*190*20 1.5
12V 22AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S11P ≤8A ≤80W 215*210*20 1.7
12V 24AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S12P ≤8A ≤80W 215*230*20 1.8
12V 26AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S13P ≤8A ≤80W 215*240*20 2
12V 28AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S14P ≤8A ≤80W 215*265*20 2.1
12V 30AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S15P ≤8A ≤80W 215*280*20 2.3
12V 32AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S16P ≤8A ≤80W 215*300*20 2.4
12V 34AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S17P ≤8A ≤80W 215*320*20 2.6
12V 36AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S18P ≤8A ≤80W 215*340*20 2.7
12V 38AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S19P ≤8A ≤80W 215*355*20 2.9
12V 40AH Blue PVC 18650-2AH 3S20P ≤8A ≤80W 215*375*20 3
12V 2.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S1P ≤3A ≤25W 60*70*20 0.2
12V 4.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S2P ≤3A ≤25W 120*70*20 0.3
12V 6.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S3P ≤3A ≤25W 170*70*20 0.5
12V 8.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S4P ≤3A ≤25W 215*80*20 0.6
12V 10.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S5P ≤3A ≤25W 215*100*20 0.8
12V 13.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S6P ≤3A ≤25W 215*115*20 0.9
12V 15.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S7P ≤8A ≤80W 215*135*20 1.1
12V 17.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S8P ≤8A ≤80W 215*155*20 1.2
12V 19.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S9P ≤8A ≤80W 215*170*20 1.4
12V 22AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S10P ≤8A ≤80W 215*190*20 1.5
12V 24.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S11P ≤8A ≤80W 215*210*20 1.7
12V 26.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S12P ≤8A ≤80W 215*230*20 1.8
12V 28.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S13P ≤8A ≤80W 215*240*20 2
12V 30.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S14P ≤8A ≤80W 215*265*20 2.1
12V 33AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S15P ≤8A ≤80W 215*280*20 2.3
12V 35.2AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S16P ≤8A ≤80W 215*300*20 2.4
12V 37.4AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S17P ≤8A ≤80W 215*320*20 2.6
12V 39.6AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S18P ≤8A ≤80W 215*340*20 2.7
12V 41.8AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S19P ≤8A ≤80W 215*355*20 2.9
12V 44AH Blue PVC 18650-2.2AH 3S20P ≤8A ≤80W 215*375*20 3

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